Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 3 Layout Linky

In contrast to last week, this week I'm posting early since I will not have internet access for the rest of the week. I probably won't have scrapbooking access either because my new office isn't set up yet. All my scrapbook stuff is in it, but so is everything else that our friends didn't know where it went! I really want to get busy scrapping, but I have to dig through a lot of junk first. Hopefully by next week . . . Anyway, please link your layouts so that when we get our internet hooked up, I will be able to use my blazing hot internet access (we're getting Verizon Fios - woohoo!) to check out your layout.

***If you are participating in the challenge, please use the link below to link your layout to this post. You have until Friday at 11:59PM PST to post your second week's layout. The link will allow you to post a title and thumbnail that link to your site, where we can see the layout in all its glory! Note: please do not post from a password protected site that will require us to input a password before viewing.


awjmgmom said...

Hoping your move is going well :)

Mary Pat said...

Ditto...hope you are getting settled into the new house. I can't believe I finished in time to link up here :-) I've been good and have done a double page spread each week but usually finished up by Saturday after the link WHOPPPEEEEE! ;-) Have a great weekend!