Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 6 Layout Linky

As promised, here is the layout and the linky for the week. I used EMS Sketch 24, which I posted yesterday. Here's a fun technique I invented for this layout:

1. Stamp a row of trees at the top of a piece of cardstock using third generation ink.
2. Cut a curving line towards the bottom of your row of trees.
3. Layer the cut off piece of cardstock over the original piece, making sure to overlap a little.
4. Stamp another row of trees below the first using second generation ink.
5. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
6. Stamp another row of trees at the bottom of the cardstock using first generation ink.
7. Without reinking, fill in any dead spaces by stamping the trees again.

Voila, you have a forest / mountain scene! You could probably do this with other types of stamps, but it was fun to do with the trees. Now let's see what you talented ladies come up with for the week.

Classmate Alphabet & Back to Nature stamp set
Grace Level 2 papers
Garnet & Sweet Leaf cardstock
Ponderosa Pine & Desert Sand ink
Basic Craft Buttons

***If you are participating in the challenge, please use the link below to link your layout to this post. You have until Friday at 11:59PM PST to post your sixth week's layout. The link will allow you to post a title and thumbnail that link to your site, where we can see the layout in all its glory! Note: please do not post from a password protected site that will require us to input a password before viewing.


awjmgmom said...

Linking up early in case I get sidetracked with V-Day projects for two kiddos and a husband :). Love the sketch and hope to use it in the near future! Will have to take a closer look at the process you outlined in this post too!

Mary Pat said...

Yeah...I remembered to post my page, was a naughty girl and forgot last week. I've been getting pages done but not always in time for Friday upload here. I'm loving the pages I see and that sketch is FABULOUS!!! I did get a lot done at SCS VSBN so I'm on track, let's see how long I can keep that up. Love the stamping process and will try that in a few weeks when I have the extra time to play...THANK YOU!

awjmgmom said...

OK - SO as soon as I hit the send button on my email from SCS to you, the page came up. It took a very long time though, so I'm not sure what is up!