Monday, February 1, 2010

LOAD is over, but I can't stop!

Yes, that's right. I am so in the habit of scrapbooking daily that I sat down and started working on a layout this morning, even though I thought I was exhausted from scrapbooking and swore I would take a break! I guess it's true that it takes 30 days to establish a habit. I was going to post some cards I made last month, but I think I'll just post this one layout of my mom making caramel corn with my boys. The pattern is Sampler - Pieced from Reflections, but I turned it upside down. I used a stamp from Stampin' Up for the popcorn, and the other stamps are from CTMH. I had to create a mask for the kernel of popcorn so that I could stamp a whole bunch of popcorn, but that was the hardest part of the layout. I'll try to post some cards tomorrow unless I get carried away and scrap another layout!!!

Treat Yourself (Stampin' Up), Hodgepodge Alphabet, Friendship Alphabet Small, Classmate Alphabet & Spot On Backgrounds stamp sets
Chocolate, Goldrush, Star Spangled Blue & Bamboo cardstock
Chocolate, Goldrush & Star Spangled Blue ink
Chocolate marker
3-D foam tape


Unknown said...

ADORABLE!!! And I know what you mean. My kids are in bed and I'm sitting at my desk about to keep going! I only have 2 more weeks of freedom before work starts...and I'm not done Emilie's book yet!

And no, I don't print my pictures at home, but I send them from my computer to Walmart's online photocentre to get them printed (cheap and usually ready for pick up within 15 minutes of me hitting send!) Anyways...I'm not sure what's going on, but about 100 of my photos won't send, so yesterday I tried burning them to a disk to take in...but they wouldn't burn, either. So I'm stuck. Not so patiently waiting for my husband to somehow magically solve this problem!!

I'll keep following your keep up the layouts! I find your work very inspiring!

Unknown said...

Oh...and it's not a layout...but this is what I did today with my girls (if you didn't already see it on the bb)

These are my 5 year old's. She did everything by herself (except for the "hoppy" which is from Dream Big, but I had to do a careful, partial stamp to avoid the "birthday"):

And these are my 3 year old's. I did her name line on the bottom and matted them for her...but she did the rest! Pretty darn cute if you ask me!: