Sunday, January 31, 2010

LOAD #31 - Hey Grandpa

This is it! My final layout of LOAD! I am so excited that I actually did this. Thanks to Monica, Linda, and Beth for participating in this challenge with me, and for pushing me to get my layouts posted so that they could post theirs. Even though I need a break for a while, I am actually looking forward to doing this again in April. Who's with me? Now, on to the layout. I'm really loved scrapbooking these photos of my dad with my younger son. It's a blessing to see their relationship developing like this, especially since they do not get to see each other very often. No exceptional techniques used here, but here's my tip of the day: altering stamped images. After I stamped the arrow, I realized it was a little too long for the spot where I wanted to place it, so I cut off part of the tail, re-inked just the bottom of my stamp, lined it up with my previous image, and stamped a new line of dots across the bottom. I love being able to see where I'm stamping. I opens up new worlds of possibilities for my artwork. This is just a little tip, but there is so much more you can do.

Star Struck stamp set
It's a Guy Thing Level 2 papers
It's a Guy Thing My Stickease
Bamboo & Colonial White cardstock
Cocoa, Desert Sand & Bamboo ink
Barn Red marker
Basic Craft Buttons
New England Ivy Embroidery floss
3-D foam tape


Beth P said...

I'm shocked that I'm the first one to post today. I feel almost guilty for posting these kinds of pages, since the only work I did was tape the schoolwork in! HEE HEE But what a good feeling to have completed Christmas card photos 2009, Christina's school album, 6th grade, and Anna's school album, 4th grade. And I almost forgot: Hawaii! Thanks, Cheryl, for talking me into this challenge. It feels good to have accomplished a lot in 31 days. Look forward to April. :)

Linda said...

I am done! Thanks so much for this challenge! I am caought up to July of this year! I have used up a lot of older paper!

This is my girls' first day of school! I was just as excited as my girls were!

Monica said...

Having computer issues...will have to post tomorrow...

Cheryl Even said...

You girls are awesome! 31 layouts completed this month - how cool is that? Monica, sorry to hear about your computer problems. As you know, we just had a to buy a new computer, so I hope it's not that serious. Can't wait to see your final layout.

Monica said...

Sorry my final layout is incomplete...but the "computer issues" I'm having are preventing me from printing the other pictures that I need!!! So, you're only getting one page out of the 2 page spread (and the block is blank because I'm not sure if that space will be better for a photo or journalling...and I won't know until the other half is done!).

Anyways...I was REALLY excited about scrapping these photos of our girls this summer on the Oregon coast. And I'm really happy with how it turned (or is turning!) out!

Thanks, Cheryl for the challenge!! I LOVED IT!! I'm heading back to work in 2 I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up this pace in April...but we'll see!

Cheryl Even said...

Monica, the layout may be incomplete but the top photo is great. Do you print all your photos at home?