Monday, July 20, 2009

Blow Hole Layout

After completing a really simple layout last time, I decided to kick it up a notch and do something I usually try to avoid on my layouts: sewing! For this layout of the Blow Hole, I wanted to create a little flourish that looked like the sea water spraying up from the Blow Hole. I sketched my flourish in pencil, poked holes at even intervals along the lines, and used Colonial White embroidery floss to sew my flourish. My sewing is usually rather simple (straight lines only), so this was a new technique for me. Although I like the results, my fingers are a bit sore from pushing the needle through the paper, so I don't think I'll try it again really soon! I also sewed across the top of my sub-title (can it be a sub-title if it's over the title?) to keep it in place. I wanted to add buttons, but I didn't have any in Indian Corn Blue to match the cardstock, so I just chose an assortment of blues plus one green for an (almost) monochromatic look. This picture of my son is one of my favorites. I just love looking at his pudgy little arms and legs, and seeing the excitement on his little baby face. It brings back sweet memories of his toddler years, but it also makes me thankful that our family is past the diapers and car seats phase!

Field Trip Alphabet stamp set
Moon Doggie Level 2 paper pack
Indian Corn Blue, Desert Sand & Colonial White cardstock
Desert Sand ink
Indian Corn Blue marker
Outdoor Denim, Dutch Blue, Heavenly Blue, Crystal Blue & Sweet Leaf buttons
Colonial White embroidery floss

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