Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soccer Coach Gift

I was asked by the team mom for my son Adrian's soccer team to create a framed layout to give to the coach and assistant coach at the team party. Well, the party is this weekend, so I figured I ought to get myself moving on this project! The team mom bought the frames, and getting the kids to sign the mat without the coaches seeing them was a trick, but I love that they all left their personal touch on the gift! Here is the first completed project. I was planning to adapt one of the patterns from Cherish (Dynamic Design), but as I was trying to figure out my color scheme, I had placed scraps of paper on the Moonstruck cardstock to see what colors went with the photo. I asked my husband his opinion, and he told me he really liked the design I'd created. I laughed and told him I really just wanted his opinion on the color scheme. He replied, "Looks great, but I think you need to use the arrangement of papers, too." I let it sit on my desk for a few days while I was working on other projects, and I finally decided he was right. So thanks, Greg, for your inspiration! Thanks also to the ladies on the CTMH consultant bulletin board, who offered feedback on my initial design. Now I'm off to finish #2. Our power will be turned off at 9am today while the electric company replaces a power pole on our street, so hopefully I can complete this project without electricity this morning. We're escaping to a friend's house this afternoon to take advantage of the air conditioning and pool. Wish me luck!

Best Shot, Thanks & Extreme Caps Alphabet stamp sets
Moonstruck, Dutch Blue, Autumn Terracotta & Creme Brulee cardstock
Heavenly Blue Textured cardstock
Moonstruck, Dutch Blue, Heavenly Blue, Autumn Terracotta & Creme Brulee ink
Circle cutter (CM)

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