Wednesday, November 4, 2009

20 Card Set (Non-CTMH Papers)

I just finished a set of twenty cards for my mom's birthday. No, I am not giving her 20 birthday cards; I am giving her a set of cards that she can give to others. This may sound like a weird gift, but Mom loves to give cards and never has time to make any, so hopefully I am filling a need in her life. I actually made these from a template that CTMH consultant Pamela Wallace adapted from Antoinette Herrin's 20 card workshop. The whole workshop uses only 3 sheets of paper: 2 12"x12" patterned papers and 1 sheet of 12"x12" cardstock, plus 20 card bases. I plan to use this same template for a card workshop in two weeks, so I wanted to try it out first. Thanks for being my guinea pig, Mom! I didn't use CTMH papers for her set, but I will post a set using CTMH papers after I get my supplies later this week. One important thing I learned: it would be a lot easier to make 2 copies of each card design (for a total of 10 designs) rather than having to make 20 unique cards. Whew, that was a lot of work! I also doubled my appreciation of CTMH's double sided B&T papers. You can do so much more with two sheets of paper when you have a different design on each side. Feel free to let me know your favorite designs, so that I can incorporate some of these ideas into my final workshop. Thanks!

Here's the whole group of cards:

And here's a close up of them:
#1 & 2

#3 & 4

#5 & 6

#7 & 8

#9 & 10

#11 & 12

#13 & 14

#15 & 16

#17 & 18

#19 & 20

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Antoinette said...

This looks great!! I've been getting emails about my template because of your post and I can see why...these are just wonderful!! Others can find the template on my blog, thanks so much for referencing my template!! How fun!