Saturday, April 3, 2010

April LOAD #3 - The Great Christmas Adventure

Thought I would post this so Linda and Michelle can post their layouts if they are done. Today was a busy day, and I am almost out of pictures, so I spend the last hour figuring out what photos I need to get printed. Too bad Costco closes at 6pm on Saturday! I'll have to hope they are open on Easter Sunday so I can get more photos. I still need a title and journaling on today's layout, so I'll post it as soon as I'm done!

10:45 and I finally finished. I didn't think a totally ink and paper layout would take so long to finish! Just want to share a fun technique I used on this, and then I'm going to bed. For the postcard stamp, I didn't have a suitable stamp image, so I had to get creative. I rolled the outside of a postage stamp stamp in Dutch Blue ink, taking card not to get any ink on the inside of the image (it was a maple leaf, so not suitable for this layout at all), and I stamped it in the corner of the postcard. I then used the angel stamp from "Holiday Hoopla" to stamp the inside of the stamp. Voila - an angel postage stamp!

Holiday Hoopla, Post Card Travel Series, Hodge Podge Alphabet, December Word Puzzle & Celebrate the Everyday stamp sets
Animal Cookies Creative Basics papers
Dutch Blue, Honey & White Daisy cardstock
Dutch Blue, Honey, Tulip & Clover Meadow ink


Chanel's Owner said...

If you are out of photos, I still have years to catch up on... I can send ya some. LOL.

Linda said...

The paper is from the new miracle kit sold by CTMH starting April 15th! The pictures are from last summer when we had family portraits taken!

Chanel's Owner said...