Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time to sing - or not!

As an avid singer myself, I have always hoped my sons will follow in my footsteps, but it's getting less likely for Adrian. He really likes to sing, but is seldom on key, and he dreads the thought of anyone actually listening to him. When I give him positive feedback, he responds as if I were Simon on American Idol telling him how ghastly his performance was! Although I hope he grows out of this phase, I just had to document it for posterity's sake, hence this layout about his recent school performance, during which he mostly just stood mute while his class sang. Afterwards, his teacher came up and told me how enthusiastically he sang during rehearsals, but apparently the sight of all those people scared him speechless - literally! I'm pretty proud of this layout because I actually stitched on it, something I always admire on other people's artwork but seldom take the time to do on my own. And in case you're wondering, yes, the stitching is supposed to be crooked!

Charm Upper and Lowercase Alphabets, Hodge Podge Alphabet & April Word Puzzle stamp sets
Animal Cookies Creative Basics patterned paper
Moonstruck & White Daisy cardstock
Moonstruck, Tulip & Sunflower ink
Moonstruck marker
Tulip Embroidery Floss
Foam Squares
Threading Water scalloped punch by Fiskars

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