Friday, October 22, 2010

LOAD #22 - Life Afloat

Another Midway layout. I created the clouds by masking cloud shapes on White Daisy cardstock and then brayering over the paper with Sky ink.

Tiny Typewriter Alphabet, Flyin' High & True Happiness stamp sets
Zippidee Level 2 papers
Dutch Blue, White Daisy & Bamboo cardstock
Sky, Cranberry, Bamboo, Dutch Blue & Black ink
3-D foam tape


Linda Norman said...

I like your clouds and airplanes!

So glad I am ahead, I got strep from somewhere and have been out of the game for 2 days. Yea for antibiotics and steroids.

Cheryl Even said...

So sorry to hear that Linda! Hope you recover soon.

Amanda Ross said...

Okay. I posted on the CTMH Artwork board. (Goes a lot faster than updating the website) Hope that works for you.

I have # 9-21 up. I need to get some stuff put back away before I can begin again. Soon though :)

Cheryl Even said...

Amanda, I got to check out all your layouts, and they are great! Unfortunately, non-consultants can't see them, so they will have to take my word for it.

Amanda Ross said...

I plan to post them to my website soon. I just couldn't get them posted last night as the interface for updating the website is so painfully slow. I will get them up with the correct LOAD numbers soon. I've completed 21 - and I have a few more ready to assemble. (I use the time during Sunday school to pair ideas with photos so I only have to choose paper when I"m at my desk ready to work.)

amanda Ross said...

Okay. I have through 21 posted, so I still am behind, but catching up!

This is for all the Non CTMH consultants that are looking.

awjmgmom said...

Here's my #22... I've got a few more to photograph, but it's dark here so I'll have to wait til tomorrow