Friday, January 1, 2010

LOAD #1 - Lil' Snowman

I finished my first layout of the year - yay! I went retro and scrapped some photos from 2006, hopefully my last ones (unless I find some hiding in a closet somewhere). The pattern is a variation on Understudy from Imagine. I kept the paper arrangement the same, but changed the suggested photos. Hope you like. Now I'm off to plan my next layout.

December Word Puzzle stamp set
Jingle Level 2 papers
Tulip, Olive & White Daisy cardstock
Tulip, Blush & Olive ink
Olive marker
Colonial White buttons
Color Ready Alphabet - Hodge Podge


Monica said...

Okay...I've never done this before, so let's see if this works! This is the final page in my 1st born's onto my THIRD daughter's book!

Cheryl Even said...

Monica, glad you decided to play. I love your layout - your daughter was a cutie. Dare I ask how old she is now? LOL!

Kathleen said...

That's adorable, Monica!

Monica said...

Sadly...she is now 5 1/2. I have 3 girls, I am on mat leave with my third, and my goal was to finish all 3 baby books while I was off. Well...I go back to work Feb 1 and I JUST finished my first, my 2nd is about 1/2 done (from 3 years ago) and my 3rd isn't started!!! Needless to say, I needed this challenge to get me in gear! Thanks, Cheryl!

Linda said...

Cheryl having tachnical diffuculties but started to post long before midnight!


Christmas 2008 using will see several of these!

Cheryl Even said...

Linda, looks great! Glad you decided to join us. Are you scrapping this Christmas already?

Beth P said...

Ok, Cheryl, here it is. I dedicate this page to you. Thanks for getting me going. I'm excited.