Monday, January 25, 2010

LOAD #25 - Bounce

After some technical difficulty with our new computer (my hubby forgot to install the stitch program), I was finally able to scan and stitch today's layout. Woohoo! Sorry it's so late. I had to do another red, white, blue page today. Fortunately, the Blue Ribbon paper collection came to my rescue, and the layout came together without too much trouble. I used a Reflections pattern for this one: Title Topper - Subtle. I don't use vellum very much, so this was a different look for me. My fun technique of the day was masking. Using Bamboo cardstock, I cut out a small half circle, then cut out a smaller circle using a Post-It note, layered the smaller circle over the larger, and stamped my image. When I removed the small circle, I was left with a little frame of dots. Cool, huh?

Spot On Backgrounds stamp set
Blue Ribbon level 2 papers
Cranberry & Bamboo cardstock
Outdoor Denim & Bamboo ink
Outdoor Denim marker
DE Monograms "B", "O", "U', "N", "C", "E"
Outdoor Denim My Accents
3-D foam tape


Monica said...

I will definitely be using that technique!! Love it! Plus I love making my own tags!

Although the one that was almost done took me FOREVER to do today...this one (a 9x9 lo for my family album) took me literally 20 minutes. Go figure.

Cheryl Even said...

Monica, the twenty minutes were well invested. Super cute, lots of fun layout!

Linda said...

July 4th pictures, I was really love the way this turned out. I had the July already cut out from a calendar and couldn't use it. It was too white so I sponged it with bamboo ink and it worked perfectly.

Cheryl love the technique you used!

Cheryl Even said...

Linda, the July title is really cute. Good choice to use it. Unlike me, you don't seem to have any issues with scrapping red, white, and blue.

Beth P said...

More of Anna's school scrapbook. I reduced a bunch of her work, since it was all taking so much room. It's kind of cute to see it all on two pages, I think.