Sunday, January 24, 2010

LOAD #24 - Teething

It's getting late and I am still working on my layout, so I'll post this in case Monica, Linda, or Beth want to post their layouts for today.

Monday morning
Well, I ended up getting so frustrated with my layout that I went to bed, hoping for a fresh perspective in the morning! I guess it serves me right for scrapping after 10pm. I finished it up today, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I actually like how it came out, although I ended up leaving it really simple just for the sake of getting it done. This is another layout for Elliot's baby album. Confession time: I used a non-CTMH stamp - gasp! I had purchased a set of stamps (Baby Firsts from Stampin' Up) when Elliot was a newborn, and then I never did his baby book, so the stamps have been sitting here unused for four years. Although I discovered the joys of CTMH's clear stamps in the meantime, I felt I should use this set at least once. The pattern is In the Groove from Imagine, and I had to adjust it a bit to accommodate the 12" x 11.5" pages from Elliot's baby album; it's an old CM album. BTW, I know the top left photo is too small. I had already cropped it when I realized that, so I have to get a new print developed. Yet another thing for my to-do list. On a happy note, we only have one more week left of LOAD. I think I'm going to take a long scrapbooking break when January is over - at least a week!

Hodge Podge Alphabet, Tiny Typewriter Alphabet & Baby Firsts (Stampin' Up) stamp sets
Magic Moments Level 2 papers
Indian Corn Blue & Colonial White cardstock
Indian Corn Blue, Cocoa, Sunflower, Sweet Leaf & Baby Pink ink
Indian Corn Blue, Cocoa & Sunflower markers
White gel pen (Sakura)
3-D foam squares


Linda said...

This is a page at the end of a birthday party. Beggining 2, fun, fun. I listed all the things we did. I do realize beginning is mispelled, I have already corrected it!

Cheryl Even said...

Linda, that layout is fun, fun, fun! I love all the cricles. It looks like you have some vellum circles mixed in there, too. Is that right? Great look.

Linda said...

I did vellum over twilight and plain vellum circles. It is a fun layout. I was trying to go a little different.

Monica said...

Okay...we're home!!! I think I have a sickness...the first thing I did when I walked in the door is come look at your layouts and post the 2 that I already had done!!! (The 21st and 22nd are now there) I have one on my scrapdesk that is almost done and then I'm going to have to WORK MY BUTT OFF to get caught up in the next few days!! Sorry to admit, Cheryl, I do NOT share you sentiment about being happy the end of January is in sight...I'm LOVING this! I can't believe how much I've gotten done and I just want to keep it up! I'm afraid that if I get OUT of the habit, I'll never get caught up again!!!!

Anyways...looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous work! Oh, and Cheryl, I borrowed a friends "Reflections" while we were away and LOVE it!!! I will definitely be adding that to my next order!!!

Cheryl Even said...

Monica, good to have you back, and I hear you about the sickness. Actually, if my hubby follows through on his plan to buy a large format scanner, I could do LOAD every day for the whole year. (Well, maybe I exagerate a little!) I usually love the scrapping part, but the scanning and stitching part kills me. I think for the sake of my marriage, though, I had better take a break after January. I plan to do this again quarterly, so get ready for April!

Monica said...'s the one that was virtually done on my desk before we left...and yet somehow it still took me every free moment today to finish it!! It's "take five" from Imagine, and I had already adhered all the photos, and journaling...all that was left was the title and embellishments, but I just couldn't get the details right on it!

Let me know what you think about what I ended up going with!!!

Cheryl Even said...

Monica, very cute layout. I love the Grace papers, and they look wonderful on this layout, as do your titles. The hard work paid off. The only thing I could recommend is maybe wrapping a bit of the ribbon vertically around the empty space in the top right photo, but it looks great even without that.

Beth P said...

Year end party of 4th grade. Gosh, I wish I would plan better sometimes! (color schemes, actually ahead of time, maybe?)

Beth P said...

Cheryl, do large scale scanners exist? How much are they and where do you get them?

Cheryl Even said...

Beth, you mean you don't plan your children's wardrobes based on what papers you want to use to scrap their event? I thought everyone did that!!! Re: large format scanners, the really big ones are about $1600, so we won't be getting one of those, but Greg found one that is about $160 (scans up to 11.75 x 16), so I think we're getting that. First I have to sell my Stampin' Up stamps on E-Bay so I have some money.