Sunday, January 17, 2010

LOAD #17 - Family

This layout is special to me because it features our eldest son's birthmom, Deb. She has become a treasured part of our family, and we see her and her family on a consistent basis, so I wanted to document that unusual but special relationship. She is pictured here with my husband and myself; she's the one holding the baby, who is one of our son Adrian's cousins. The little girl at the bottom is also his cousin. We're so fortunate to have "adopted" a whole new family when we adopted our precious boy!

State of Mind stamp set
Grace Level 2 papers
Twilight, Cocoa & White Daisy cardstock
Cocoa, Bamboo, Honey & Barn Red ink
Dimensional Elements "F", "A", "M", "I", "L" & "Y"
Cocoa marker
Clear button
Liquid Glass
Mustard embroidery floss (Making Memories)
3-D foam tape


Monica said...

What a beautiful story! And a beautiful layout to go with it (I love the grace papers!) As a side you have reflections? Or do you just choose a single page from Cherish or Imagine when you do single layouts? I don't have reflections, because I never do single pages...but I'm wondering if I should invest in it!!

I skipped the month of August because that was our family holidays, of which we have INCREDIBLE photos...but they are all saved on my husband's computer, so I need to get them PRINTED!! For now, I skipped to September and have another calendar page to share today! I have to admit...I'm feeling pretty good as my pile of pictures is getting smaller! I may actually accomplish this goal of finishing Emilie's book before I go back to work!!

I'm rambling. I'll shut up now.

Linda said...

My husband does a concert with the band at his work every year at the Mission San Jose in San Antonio. This is one of the layouts from this event last May.

Monica - I rarely do one page layouts but Reflections gives you suggested pages to coordinate with each page. So even if you do 2 page layouts it would work for you. It actually gives you more options in some ways.

Cheryl Even said...

Monica, I love the cheerfulness of the Animal Cookies papers on this layout - they go so well with the food on the face pictures. In regards to Reflections, yes, I have it, and I will buy as many layout pattern books as Jeanette publishes! I love them, and almost always refer to them when creating a layout. I do not use Reflections quite as much as the others because it lacks the extra touches that make the layouts in Cherish and Imagine so easy to do. Some of the patterns are super simple, so I actually have to come up with extra embellishments, etc. to make the page stand out, but sometimes only a Reflections pattern will work. My advice: go for it!

Linda, the sheet music circles are the perfect touch for your layout, and your color scheme really makes the program stand out. Looks great!

Beth P said...

Anna's 4th grade pix. Finally went out in the rain to pick up pix from Costco! BTW, having a Creative Memories crisis; I'm out of old 12x12 pages!!!!!