Saturday, January 23, 2010

LOAD #23 - Goodbye Grandma

Although I sometimes have trouble working with red, white, and blue, this layout came together surprisingly quickly. Maybe it was the two shades of blue that made the process easier, or perhaps the splash of yellow. Whatever it was, I'm done already! My grandma passed away last month, and I was fortunate enough to visit her before she died. Since she lived out of state, my boys never got to know her well, so I'm glad she got this opportunity to see them one last time.

Friendship Alphabet Small & Alphabet Solos "H" stamp sets
Blue Ribbon Level 2 papers
Outdoor Denim & Indian Corn Blue cardstock
White Daisy textured cardstock
Outdoor Denim, Indian Corn Blue, Cranberry & Buttercup ink
Outdoor Denim & Indian Corn Blue markers
White Daisy Just Blooms
White Daisy ricrac
Outdoor Denim & Cranberry My Accents
3-D foam squares
White gel pen (Sakura)


Linda said...

My son is eating the ranch dressing that he is supposed to be dipping his chicken nuggets in. My kids think that Ranch is a part of the meal not a condiment.

Monica said...

Okay...I'm sure this is cheating, considering I already used this layout for the was bugging me so much, I pulled it apart the next week and redid it. And I wasn't going to re-post it, but I have a lot of catching up to do and thought this would help!!! I didn't want to waste all that paper and TOTALLY redo it, but I took your advice, Cheryl, and worked in both the sorbet B&T and the Tulip and Juniper cardstock onto both pages to try to tie it together a bit better. I still don't love it...I'll have to stick to Jeanette's layouts...but at least I have no plans of ripping it up this time!!! Hmm...maybe I should add a little scrap of that polka dotted B&T to the top of the left layout somehow...

Beth P said...

One of my fave pix of Anna, even though she doesn't like it. Someday, she'll appreciate it.