Friday, January 29, 2010

LOAD #29 - Together

I usually try to get a nice picture of our whole family around the holidays each year. These pictures were taken this Thanksgiving. Thanks to my upline Jenni for suggesting my title. I had used "Family" several times in the past week, so she helped me come up with something different. Tip of the day: if you want the look of twine threaded through clear buttons, be prepared for a long, frustrating session of trying to push the twine through the cardstock and into the buttonholes! I probably could have threaded the buttons before adhering them to the page with Liquid Glass, but I wasn't sure they would lie flat. Live and learn, I guess!

Monica, Linda, and Beth, could you each e-mail me using your personal (not Google) e-mail address? I have a question I want to ask all of you privately. Thanks.

Charm Upper Alphabet, Hodge Podge Alphabet & Felicity stamp sets
Felicity kit
Crystal Blue, Desert Sand & Bamboo cardstock
Twilight & Desert Sand ink
Clear Buttons
Liquid Glass


Linda said...

We shower all of our kids together in our shower and they werebeing particularly silly this day so I had to get the camera and take pictures!

Monica said...

Okay, Cheryl - you're always so good at embellishment advice, so I decided to post this one not-quite-done and ask for your HELP! I need some pink on the left page to balance the right, and I need a small journaling spot. I can either cut the journaling box in half the long way or the short way to fit either under the title or in the bottom right corner. And what do I do with the ribbon???

Thanks for your help!!

And Linda, SUPER cute LO! I like your twist on the "timeline"!

Monica said...

Oh, and Cheryl...when I use clear buttons, I just thread them like normal and then attach them with a glue dot. They lay flat enough...and I can imagine liquid glass would be just as good, if not better. Your sanity is definitely worth more than the time it would take to do it your way!!

Beth P said...

Using up old CM stickers! And it kind of matches the theme of the old CM school pages.

Cheryl Even said...

Linda, love the little birthday suits, and the colors are great for water pictures.

Monica, what about some pink photo corners on the picture of you with Emilee? You could also add a journaling tag sticking out from behind the bottom picture, and staple some pink ribbon to the top of the tag. Then you could fold and staple some ribbon to the bottom picture on the right, just to balance things out.

Beth, I think I have those same stickers in my stash, so let me know if you need some more! LOL.