Sunday, January 3, 2010

LOAD Rules Revision

Ladies, I realized today that it's unfair to ask you to wait until I post my layout for the day so you can post yours, yet I am asking you to post one every day (especially if you're on the East Coast and you're three hours ahead of me). What I've decided to do is this: you can post your layout up to a week after I put up the LOAD for the day. For example, after I post tomorrow's LOAD (#4 on January 4th), you have until Sunday, January 10th to post your layout. I would prefer you keep up, since this is a LAYOUT A DAY, but this way maybe more people can participate. Please continue to put your layout on the appropriate day, however (i.e. don't post three layouts in one comment), and all layouts must be scrapped in January. Hope this helps, and if you were on the fence about doing this, maybe you'll decide to join in now. Thanks.

1 comment:

Dena said...

I saw your post on the CTMH consultant website and decided to join in! I can't believe what I've accomplished so far! I am a week behind in posting them on my blog but I am getting them done anyway! Now I just need to buy some albums to put all my new pages in! Thanks for the inspiration!