Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LOAD #26 - My Parents

Today's layout is a little tribute to my parents and their long-standing love for each other. The pictures were rather bright and contained quite a few contrasting colors, so they were a challenge to scrap. I finally decided to go with neutral colors in order to let the photos stand out. The Silhouette papers were a great solution to my problem.

Tiny Typewriter Alphabet stamp set
Silhouette Level 2 papers
Silhouette My Stickease
Black & Bamboo cardstock
Black & Desert Sand ink
Black marker
Pewter brads & mini brads
White Daisy Just Blooms
Colonial White Edge Anchors
Colonial White Ribbon Rounds


Monica said... parents are like that, too! I like the simple squares at the top and bottom. Is this inspired by "Treasure Tags" from Cherish? If you ever go back and do the other page for your single page layouts? Or do you just put 2 single pages side by side in your albums, even though they don't match?

Just curious.

I finished 2 layouts today (posted for 24th and 25th) and I'm going to ATTEMPT to do a final one tonight! The kids are in bed...hubby is out...I'm feeling inspired!!!

However, I'm all out of pictures for Emilie's album (the ones from my camera...), now I have to print off all the pics from our GOOD camera to fill in all the gaps in her first year! For now, I am going to use all the extra pics to do a few 9x9 pages in our family album. These usually come together a little faster...although without all depends on my creativity!!!

Cheryl Even said...

Monica, this is the Treasure Tags layout. In general, if I need the second page, I scrap it with the first. In this case, the facing page will be Thanksgiving prep and not related at all, so I am going to use a different layout and papers. I used to make sure everything matched across both pages in my albums, but I gave that up a few years ago. It was too much of a headache, and since each page has its own title and journaling, why confuse my readers into thinking the layouts are related when they aren't? KWIM? Looking forward to seeing your layouts. We missed you!

Linda said...

My boys were playing with playdough one day and made their own Magic School Bus from the show. It was totally cute and it kind of looked like it too. Pretty good for 3 year olds.

Micah is a exactly as the title described! Messy and mischevious.

Monica said...

Another 9x9 of my daughter's birthday. There is a box on the right for a photo that I need to print. In hind-sight, I wish I had done pink cs over blue cs on the right page instead of vice-versa...but oh well.

Linda said...

I think that if you had reversed the papers your pic of your daughter would have blended in rather than really standing out!

Beth P said...