Tuesday, January 12, 2010

LOAD #12 - Cherish

Sorry I'm getting this posted so late. Tuesdays will be a little crazy for me the rest of the month. Monica, Linda, and Beth, feel free to post your layouts, and I'll get my layout up as soon as I can.

10:54 (Seriously!)
Finally getting a chance to post this layout. Yay! It's pretty simple, but my new Topstitch papers and My Stickease arrived late this afternoon (thanks, MIB, for not losing my package or breaking anything in it), and I wanted to play with them. They are so pretty and girly! I don't have girls, so I have to live vicariously through friends and relations who do. Thanks, Hilary, for having baby Kaydence so I got a chance to scrapook using pink! (I know that's the main reason she did it - heehee).

Topstitch Level 2 papers
Topstitch My Stickease
Chocolate cardstock
Chocolate marker


Monica said...

Here's mine...a play date at an old-fashioned carousel in Port Dalhousie (built in 1903) that still gives rides for a nickle! I'm giving a close up of the flowers, too, so you can see the little name tags that I put on them (my friend and I each have 3 kids, so they each got their name on the page!)

Linda said...

More Felicity and New Orleans! I love how this page came out!

Beth P said...

I'm pretty bummed I didn't get more pix of Christina in jr. high at school; I have a lot more of Anna because I'm just better bonded with that group. Jr. highers aren't fond of mom hanging around taking pix anyway..... :)

Beth P said...

OH, yeah, hee hee, I never fix my time! That's why my Jogathon letters are WAY too big! :)

Beth P said...

Monica, cute title. Linda, what city?

Cheryl Even said...

Beth, once your eyes get used to the size of the letters, the title effect is actually pretty cool, like the letters are jogging against each other. Just don't admit to any mistakes and we'll think it was done on purpose!