Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LOAD #6 - Women of Faith

I never imagined I would use this color combination on a layout, but it seemed to match the color in the photos perfectly, so I ran with it. Actually, it's growing on me now. I don't have any current B&T papers with Ocean in them, so I used the flowered piece from a long-retired pack. Who remembers the old B&T combo packs for each season? I miss them . . . Anyways, I ran into some technical difficulties with this layout, so it took me longer than I thought to finish. I wanted to use my Color Ready Alphabet stickers on it, but I didn't have enough of two of the letters, so I had to create some using my Wishblade. Can you tell which ones aren't stickers? Hopefully not!

Summer Celebration B&T Combo Pack
Hydrangea & Amethyst cardstock
Hydrangea ink
Dimensional Elements Framed Fun
Color Ready Alphabet Hodge Podge
Just Blooms paper flowers: Big Pink & White Daisy
Spring Harmony Bigger Brads
White Brads (source unknown)
Ocean marker


Monica said... always...I'm chomping on the bit! (I'm only an hour ahead of I the furthest one east???)

Anyways, fun summer LO using an old paper called "Groovy Blossoms". It's busy, but I love it!

Linda said...

Photo shapes layout from Cherish. I am trying to use up my stash, this layout was done using all scraps except for the bases.


Cheryl Even said...

I like the new layouts, ladies. Monica, your title design is clever. It took me a minute to see the double title. Cool! Linda, I like what you did with the Photo Shapes pattern. I've never used it because it never worked for me, so it's nice to see a cute layout with it. Keep 'em coming, ladies!

Monica said...

Beautiful, Cheryl! The colours are lovely together...and yes...I, too miss the B&Ts! I used some of the sweet leaf that had all the words written on it in a layout I did last'll see it soon! And I am very impressed with your cs letters! I wouldn't have had the patience!

Lori said...

Love the color combo!!!

Beth P said...

Okay, I didn't quit! Just have been busy for a few days. So here come a lot of posts....time to finish my photos for Hawaii (2004!)

Beth P said...


Beth P said...

I love the picture of Christina here in her tomboy stage, with chocolate on her face and hair everywhere!

Beth P said...

Darn it, that last post was supposed to go somewhere else!!!

Cheryl Even said...

Beth, love your volcano layout, and is that the Thurston Lava Tube I spy on the right page? I just finished scrapping our 2006 vacation to Hawaii, so that looks really familiar!