Sunday, January 10, 2010

LOAD #10 - Carving Jack

I'm taking baby steps in this whole business of using my Felicity kit, so today's layout uses a 4" x 12" strip of one of the Felicity papers. Woohoo! Not up to using a full page yet, but the day is coming. I love this layout because it uses a couple of cool pictures of my hubby carving the pumpkin. Too often he takes a backseat to my cute kids, so it's nice to see him front and center for a change.

Spooky Smiles, Chocolate Alphabet Large, Rustic Flowers, Felicity, Express Postage, Celebrate the Everyday stamp sets
Felicity kit
Dutch Blue, Desert Sand & Colonial White cardstock
Desert Sand, Autumn Terracotta, Bamboo & Cocoa ink
Desert Sand & Autumn Terracotta markers


Linda said...

More New Oreleans and Felicity. I had such a good time on this walking tour...our tour guide was fabulous! Still need to do a little journaling, gotta be in the right mood!

Off to scrap!

Monica said...

I actually hate this layout. If I wasn't in such a "go-go-go" mode, I would rip it up and start over...but for now, that's not going to happen! The key to my heart paper matched the calendar and the photos so well, I knew I had to use it...but there isn't enough carry over of each paper onto the opposite page to make it look like a complete layout. Any ideas would be appreciated! Otherwise, c'est la vie!

Cheryl Even said...

Linda, I don't see a link to your layout! Monica, the layout looks good, but I agree with you about the carryover of the papers. I think it's the sorbet patterned paper that my eye keeps looking for and not finding on the right. Could you add a tiny strip of it somewhere on the 2nd page? Otherwise, cute as always.

Linda said...

I swear I posted this earlier today.

Beth P said...

This is my last Hawaii page. It's Anna's faves of Hawaii, that she completed on the plane home. Pretty easy.

Cheryl, I like your title, Carving Jack. :)